3 EKSEN is the solution provider of many companies involved in Thermoforming Industry. 3 EKSEN , with its well-experienced engineers, technicians and operators, supplies these services.

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Intense competition increasing day by day in packaging market, differentiation of retailers and changing consumer trends push producers to be more innovative and creative in their package designs.

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3EKSEN provides after sales service. It never leaves you alone after delivery. Our engineers and technicians provide on-site support when you demand.

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We manufacture thermoform mold for many thermoform machines.
GN,ILLIG,GABLER,TFT FCS 750, TFT FCS 780, TFT FCS 1000, KIEFEL are several groups of thermoform machinery where we produce thermoform mold. Examples of thermoform packaging products which can be manufactured from thermoform products via suction mold are cups, food cans, egg trays, meat trays, hinged covered cans, sealed cans, microwave products and cake cans.

Polypropylene,PET,PS,PVS,OPS are some of the thermoplastic sheets produced with thermoform mold.
We are next to you for your successful and competitive thermoform plastic package manufacturing with our suction mold production team and after delivery services.

A profitable growth globally within Thermoform market is only possible with optimized thermoform mold design and manufacture. Keeping your high profit targets in mind, your thermoform plastic packaging products are being designed in accordance with the thermoform machinery – suction mold cycles and manufactured via the globally acknowledged thermoform production instruments.

Our experienced engineering team has the necessary knowledge of design and suction with regards to the thermoform package and thermoform mold within the competitive process.
Thermoform mold design is achieved with our experienced engineering team in order to manufacture fast, successful and solid thermoform plastic packaging. Steady and stable thermoform packaging production is provided with appropriate design and optimization processes.
Thermoplastic sheet and the choice of sheet thickness are playing substantial roles in molding technique.
The diversity should be foreseen through the shaping (thermoforming) process phase of thermoplastic sheet with heat. Design optimization, production of suction mold via high quality material, thermoplastic sheet choice, heat-suction optimization and mold-cycle times are being accepted as the components to success in thermoforming process and these require knowledge build up and engineering.

We are presenting the opportunity to evaluate the launches leading to performance with our prototyping service. You can make a market evaluation with the finalized thermoform package. Your thermoform packaging products are collected with minimum storage, least transportation costs, ergonomics, attractiveness and continuity parameters and supported with reverse engineering service.

Thermoform mold production requires a good knowledge of materials and experience process.
The success of thermoform packaging means to us the quality of the product, cost reduction and long term collaboration with our customers.
When the thermoform mold production finishes, an approval product is sent via being tested with a thermoform machine. The quality of the thermoform package and the cycle times of the thermoform mold are being controlled by our engineering team.

After the thermoform mold is delivered, our technical team will provide support to you in your facility if needed.