Trusted and productive production of thermoforming mold requires a good process and material knowledge. Aluminum material, surface coatings, cutting tools, plug assist equipment, mold supports are chosen amongst world known materials and equipment.

All parameters which could effect quality of the production and performance of thermoforming mould are taken into consideration by experienced design and engineering personnel. Forming process, mold cycle times, optimized cooling and vacuum/pressure control which are necessary for project management have plug assist geometry experience.

Production of high quality thermoforming tool with minimum cost on time results from engineering power of 3 EKSEN. We product molds for GN, ILLIG, GABLER, TFT, KIEFEL thermoforming machines.

» Cups
» Food containers
» Cups with hinged lids
» Trays
» Lids
» Microwave containers
» Egg trays
» Meat trays

Some of the product groups