Intense competition, retailers and changing consumer inclinations pushes packaging designs to be more creative and innovative. Packaging market grows day by day. Product design phase is an important step for the success of a new product.

A perfect product design, market demands and production needs are taken into consideration through simplicity and productivity. New packaging must be lighter, more attractive and ergonomic and stable with a lower stacking height.

3EKSEN’s experienced design team takes into account all aspects of packaging needs. They support their design with reverse engineering. Features of the film are assessed in aspects of forming, cutting, stacking and shipment.

It provides Solid Works file format and pdf format. It takes your opinions and applies design optimization if needed.

» Prototype thermoforming tools are manufactured from aluminum material. It is formed by PET ,PS,PP ,OPS thermoplastics using vacuum/pressure method and the process is complated by cutting . Mold present optimization opportunities before sent to production phase.

» Prototyping is an important activity for performance when mold goes to thermoforming plastic packaging process.

» 3EKSEN helps you to produce fast and reliable new packages by producing prototypes before mold production.

» It gives you investment opportunity and product test opportunity before thermoforming process through correct information and fast production launches.

  • All molds are tested before delivery.
  • 3EKSEN provides after sales service. It never leaves you alone after delivery.
  • Our engineers and technicians provide on-site support when you demand.